MIPT: There is no time. Ei ole aikaa.

MIPT: There is no time. Ei ole aikaa.

13.9. – 1.10.2017

@ Oksasenkatu 11 -gallery

Open wed-sun 11-20, opening wed 13.9. between 18-20, More info about program at Facebook. Welcome!

There is no time. Ei ole aikaa. is a pilrimage vechile based on giving time. Auratic holy machine and space offer their user a possibility quiet down and to experience pilgrimage and absence in a gallery space.

Performative-installation consists of expectations, travel, brakes, washing up, rest and pray. Jäämatka-performance (2017), its material and spiritual trails work as breeding ground for the installation. Installation is part of a series of performances that trail and base importance for art from being a space for personal significance and open up new kinds of experience oriented stages.


While entering the space guest signs in at the reseption desk and defines how much time one would like to donate to God* (min. 20 min). Guest commits to spend at least that time in the space. Bring with you a stone. Bring with you a toothbrush and a cup. You can also bring fruits for sharing. If you want, you can reserve a time for pilgrimage beforehand from jaamatkaposti@gmail.com!

Free enterance.

MIPT (lyh.Macchina Internazionale Pellegrinaggio Töölö, suom. Töölö International Pilgrimage Vechile) = Juhani Haukka, J. K., Lauri Antti Mattila, Sari Paljakka ja Esa-Matti Smolander.

*understood as one likes to define or signify it for oneself, one or multiple, known or un-known. God can be for example All-the-work-and-things-that-have-to-be-done-and-remembered.