Put your hands over your eyes. Jump out of the plane.
There is no pilot. You are not alone. Standby.
This is the time. And this is the record of the time.
(Laurie Anderson)


Ice-Trip arises from desire to make art otherwise.
Ice-Trip arises from desire to make art that functions in relations to spirits, earth, wind and what can’t be seen.

Art, that functions as a part of world and reality
trusting into connection and goodness.

We are searching for a world where would be possible to stop, to find peace, possible for miracles and experiencing unity (with all that there is).


Ice-Trip is a performance about connections, being connected and getting connected, all binding together, co-dependent; it’s about experience of being overwhelmed and luminated by infinity of space, indeterminacy of time of diversity, richness of oddness, extruding beauty of our surroundings as a ground that carries.

We want to create art, that is wider than the ideas at market can obtain, wider that idea of art as something you consume, art that is in relation to richness and variety of being (of the universe). Art, whichmore than a separate island from life wraps oneself into and participates life, its ordinariness celebrations and transitions.

We want to make art, that expands over the realm of known and common, which challenges, which is by its measures (in time and space) and nature something totally difference than all what have been made, which can be an exporation into love and life.

Performance maps the unknown territories of life and love, of subjects of oil, and limits and conditions of art that runs on fossile fuels.

Ice-Trips emerges in relation to reality of inequality crisis (refugee-crisis) and climate-change, melting of polar ice caps, and exploitation of arctic nature reserve. We want to make art, that is apparent with our co-depenencies, which creates suggestions for new and lasting practices of being together, which values diffrence and oddness, and meet human as a whole(, soulful, connected and dependant, complex, multiple and un-understandable) and is connected to wholeness of being. We want to create art which can be a life changing experience.

We want to widen thoughts of what is considered possible: what art (theatre of stage) could be, how could it effect? We want to make art which place and context is this planet rather than art world (or survival or gaining success).

We believe in the potential of art to create change; we believe that art could carry a much more significant and important role in the society. We want to understand being an artist rather than as a job, as a attitude towards being, attitude of questioning, how to be in this world; how to live, room, how to be part and relation (to other beings and people). Creating art is cherishing this question.

Art has a power to imagine and suggest new subjectivities, power of braking conventions. We believe that art could be as a catalyst for sosio-cultural changes which we need to go through if we want to maintain human life on this planet.

We ask, what is the frame, that defines being an artist? Is it the consern about one’s success at art market or consern about the planet’s future?

We are driven by will to catalyze discussion of possibilities of art and being, about who we are, and the needs of this planet and people.

We want to make art, that aims changing the world.


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