For you

Wake up, earthling! You are already free! You never were inside a cube! Go and breath globe’s air!


Ice-Trip is a transition-rite for you. Trip is a possibility to view one’s life, choices and heart.

Trip starts From Helsinki and ends at the Arctic Ocean.
You will be accompanied with a quide/companion.
Journey will be carried through together, by-two.
Traveller and quide will be equal.

Trip consists of preparing, travel and retreat at the cold beach. Performances duration is three days, but we recommend travellers to reserve time for longer travel – performance functions best as a start for your own voyage.

Travel calender:
Take-offs 22.5., 29.5., 5.6., 12.6., 19.6., 26.6. ja 3.7.
Travellers will be selected thru drawing lot by filling in a questionnaire. Questionaire will be closed 12.5.

Ticket-lottery for the first three trips will be held 17.3. One trip will be documented.
Ticket-lottery for final three trips will be held 14.5.
Ticket price: 60

If you have questions conserning accessibility, write lauriantti.mattila(at)

We will be in contact with ones who have been selected by the lottery!


I’m your teacher. I can’t “teach you anything. The only thing I can teach, is that you learn from yourself!