Above the ancient volcanoes
Slide your wings under the carpet of the wind
Travel, travel, eternally

Travel, travel, fly to the highest heights
Above the capitals, fatal ideas
Look at the ocean


Ice-Trip is a three-day ritualic travel-performance for one participant at a time. The trip starts from Helsinki and ends by the Arctic Ocean.

Traveller will be accompanied with a quide/companion. Voyage will be trailed with soul-cultivating stops and camping over night. Ice-Trip is a transition, pilgrimage and lustration. Travel is summation of the most important things, matters that carry and which ensure that there is hope and faith.
Ice-Trip is a performance to lighten one’s soul.

Ice-Trip arises from love for sitting in car, being carried, leaving, ventilating and road-movies. It leaves bitter-sweet goodbyes to disappearing folklore, lonely riders road-trip, crashing it with painful results of ever on-going groth, of melting of the arctic and competition for arctic natural resources.

Premiere 22.5.
Seven trips between May-July.

Working group: Lauri Antti Mattila, Esa-Matti Smolander, Juhani Haukka, Sari Paljakka ja Sanna Uuttu, and Samuli Lehto (Art of Coding).
Production: Working group together with Live Arts Society
Ice-Trip is supported by Kone Foundation, Live Arts Society, Helly Hansen and K-supermarket Jakomäki.

Travel, travel, further than the night and the day
Travel, in spaces unheard of by love
Travel, travel, on the sacred waters of an Indian river
Travel, and never come back
(Voyage, voyage, Desireless)